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  The Law School of Guizhou University evolved from the Law Department of Guizhou University, which had as its source the College of Law and Commerce of Guizhou National University. With the entry of Guizhou University into the “211 Project”, the Law School entered a new era for development with the construction of subjects as an emphasis, teaching and research as a center, and the teaching staff as the foundation.

  We now boast of three majors for Bachelor’s degree: legal science, politics and administration, one first-level major of legal science for Master’s degree, several second-level majors for Master’s degree including demology, sociology, political theory, etc. and JM. We now have formed the pattern of equal emphasis on undergraduate and graduate education, with many other levels like teaching by correspondence, social training etc. as complements. As of Jan. 2008, there are 943 graduate candidates, 875 undergraduates in school and 120 students taught by correspondence. Our teaching staff consists of 92 members, among which 15 are professors, 34 are vice-professors, 19 are granted Doctor’s degree or are doctor candidates, 55 have Master’s degree, 2 enjoy special allowance of the State Department, 2 are leading researchers in philosophy and social science of Guizhou Province, 2 are provincial experts, 2 are provincial teaching elites and 10 are leading researchers and core staff of a university-level.

  We have established a long-term system of promotion and encouragement to enhance the enthusiasm of academic research. As of 2000, our staff has published 41 monographs, 878 papers in the various publication, such as《China Legal Science》、《Chinese Journal of Law》、《Peking University Law Journal》 (among which 174 are CSSCI articles), and we have finished 182 research projects (9 of which belong to the national level projects). We are granted one first-degree award for social science research, 3 second-degree awards and 6 third-degree awards.

  We now have a comprehensive lab of law, an institute for judicial appraisal of legal writs, and a simulation court which costs 1 million RMB. We are proud of our reading room for JM, our library, our reading room for students. We have more than 20000 books and 157 kinds of journal in Chinese and foreign languages. All these make our Law School an ideal place for the training of legal talents.

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